Our biggest asset is our people. We have experienced, skilled, and creative people who use their talents for quoting, engineering, production and support to assure your wire products are produced to your specifications.

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Progress Wire has a fully integrated ERP system. From quoting, engineering, production, shipping, and accounting, information about the status of your quote and production of your fabricated wire product is only clicks away. Our Quality System is also integrated in our ERP system which assures products are made to specification. We can supply you a copy of our Quality Control Manual upon request. We also use Lean Manufacturing concepts to continually improve our operation.

Our Services and Equipment

  • Our Engineering Department is equipped with Auto-Cad to help breakdown complex fabricated wire assemblies and wire guard drawings. Tooling is also designed in our engineering department.
  • Our Tool Room is staffed with a skilled toolmaker and equipment to make complex wire assemblies.
  • Our Sample and Short Run department is here to support our customers needing help with custom designed wire forms, wire guards or just a short run order. This service also helps engineers looking for solutions to fabricated steel wire applications when quick turnaround samples are needed.
  • CNC Straight and Cut machines process wire from .060 to .375 inches in diameter.
  • Three dimensional and two dimensional CNC Wire Forming machines can generate complex wire forms and wire brackets up to 5/16 inches in diameter.
  • Two CNC Mesh Welders produce flat wire grids, wire mesh patterns, and wire cable trays as large as 48"x 144".
  • Our CNC Jig Transfer Spot Welder produces complex, irregular shaped, flat fabricated wire assemblies
  • Our MIG weld department is staffed with operators certified to AWS D1.1 where we make complex fan guards and welded wire assemblies.
  • All this state of the art CNC equipment is complimented by Spot Welders, semiautomatic Wire Forming machines, Presses, Shears, and scores of wire fabrication equipment. Much of this equipment is used to produce parts in Flexible Work Cells to reduce our manufacturing costs - parts like wire displays and wire baskets.

We partner with qualified local suppliers to get the coatings complete our customers specifications. They provide fast economical services like Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Chrome, and Electro-polishing.